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Monday, 10 July 2017



Court Ruling Stands to Stop UK Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

Giving a light and life to the Human rights the uk high court has reviewed a petition from an anti arms trade NGO  over the sale of arms to the Saudi Arabia.
            The Saudi Arabia, which is in an invansion against the Yemen backing the fugutive president who is said to be puppet in the hands of the Saudi Arabia, was dethrowned by the Internal turmoil in the part of the Arab spring that dethroned many regimes across the gulf nations, which also led to rise of the terrrorists, especially the ISIS.
            The petition has claimed that Saudi Arabia is not practitioning the Human rights and has voilated and has killed thousands of yemen civilians in the air raids, and Saudi Arabia is been militarily aided by the USA and the UK.    The petition has requested the court to stall the sales of the UK  arms which is ending up against the civilians in the gulf nation, which is considered a set back to the coalation and the first victory to those defending their home land from the Kingdoms of the gulf.

3million people are feared suffering from the malnutrition, and the WHO has claimed that 1200 people are dead due to the cholera epidemic, that is raising concerna  and has estimated around 70,000 are affected, which if not taken serious which may kill all of those.
       The petition claimed that the larger infrastructure in the Yemen is also been destroyed especially the hospitals schools and the factories that was a bread to the people of Yemen, and also the Saudi Arabia's blockade to the medical aid is also considered worrying,  till date around 14,000 people are killed in the attack of the Yemen.  The court's revival is seeming as an light to the poeple of the Yemen.

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