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Thursday, 6 July 2017


Erdogan Trump terror YPG Syria

      The turkey's deputy prime Minister has ravished the United states president Mr. Donald Trump as the supporter and creator of the terrorist organisation, and has warned a military intervention.  
       Being a NATO  participant Turkey has turned against the US and the NATO principles.  Even after the US has assured that the YPG will be disarmed after the war the Turkey is fumingover by directly issuing the warnings to the  US.    
        The turkey administration especially the president Erdogon,  who witnessed a military coup in the recent, has been more serious about the growing might and power of the YPG fighters which is itself evolving as a small scale army,  which it alleges is the branch of the PKK in the regions of the Turkey which is an insurgent group of turkey.
        Even in the  G20 forum the Turkey president embarassed the USA by supporting the Qatar, and sending ore additional troops against the saudi sanctions on the tiny state of the gulf.
The Turkey has warned that if US did not hold back the YPG it will lead a military intervention into the Iraq and Syria against the YPG forces.  
            If the things go out of control it could form a break point for the  fresh clashes in the middle east as the threat of the ISIS is coming to end with only several pockets of ISIS militants present.  It could draw the entire region into military clashes as Iran is by the side of the Qatar and the Syria, while rest of the islamic world is on the opposite front in the middle east.

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