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Tuesday, 25 July 2017



            It seems India had enough on Quality issues plaguing its AL-31F turbofan engines used to power India's front line Sukhoi-30MKI fighter jets and is currntly working with French Safran aircraft engine manufacturer to develop a higher thrust engine jointly based on the current Kaveri engine.  According to  a report prepared by The Print India is currently holding confidentials talks withthe french company to explore the possibility to developa 125KN thrust class engine to replace current 123kN thrust class AL31 FP turbofan engines developed by salyut HAL.
            According to the report Kaveri engine derivative once in production will be replaced under Super-30 program.  GTRE-SAFRAN are already jointly working together to fix issues pertaining to India's long delayed Kaveri-engine program.  Under Kaveri revival program French have agreed to fix all isues with Kaveri engine and make it production  ready by end of 2018 as part of offset obligation under Dassualt Rafale fighter jet deal with India.
            It is unlikely iNdia canuse same engine core to develo a 125kN thrust class engine and will be completely new design and if cleared will take nearly 7 years before it can be ready to be tested on Indida's Su 30MKI.  Under Super 30 program, russian companies had offered India it advance 142kN thrust class AL41F1S turbofan engines used in Su 35 to replace current Al 31F turbofan Engines due to repeated issues with the engine but India had denied the offer.  If advance 123kN thrust class Kaveri turbofan engines are ever developed then it is also likely that same engine might be used on India's 5th genereation AMCA fighter jet program which has engine requirements for 110KN thrust class.

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