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Sunday, 23 July 2017



         An errant US airstrike confirmed by the pentagon killed 12 afghan  police officers and wounded two other, Helmand provincial police chief Abdul Ghafar Safi said saturday.  The death toll in Friday's airstrike was determined after a site inspection of the compound in the Gereshk district, he said.  
         The united States in a statement confirmed that the airstrikess on the security forces compound occured during a US supported operation agisnt Taliban insurgents in the area.  In the statement, the US offered its condolences to the families of the security forces who were killed.  While much of Helmand province is under the control of Taliban.  Afghan national security forces have been waging fierce battles to retake territory.  Nato and US troops are in Helmand to asist Afghan troops.  
         Safi told the associated press in a telephone interview that the dead were police officers who were operating with the army n the area.  He said they had recaptured the post from the Taliban when the airstrike occured.  On friday, Helmand governor Hayatullah Hayar said it was believed the police officers were not in uniform, which may have resulted in mistakenly identifying them as Taliban fighters.

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