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Friday, 4 August 2017


PASSION WRITTERS: WAR FACTS: INDIA CHINA I:           World has succumed to the state of war and nationalities from the mindset of the globalisation.  Wars raging from the northe...

Tuesday, 25 July 2017



A policeman is seen near the Israeli embassy in Amman, Jordan July 23, 2017.

Israel worked throught the day on various different channels to ensure that the stabbing attack of the Israeli security guard would not spiral out of control and poison relations.
            The Israeli guard stabbed in an attack at the embassy in Jordan on Sunday returned to Israel some 30 hours later with the rest of embassy staff after a ense day of negotiations between jerusalem and Amman aimed at defusing a diplomatic crisis.

            The Prime Minister's Office released a statement late Monday night saying that the embassy staffers crossed over to Israel via the allenby Bridge, and their return was made possible due to the close cooperation between Israel and Jordan.  

             Israel workd throught the day on various different channels to ensure that the stabbing attack of the Israeli security guard at the embassy in Amman that left him lightly wounded and the asswilant and another man dead would not spiral out of control and poison relations.
            The security cabinet met Monday evening to discuss the crisis on the Temple Mount over the installation of metal detectors, amid speculations that the Jordanians would allow the guard to return to Israel as part of wider deal that would have the metal detectors remove, and less visible-buthighly sophisticated cameras placed in their stead that could determine if someone was carryi8ng weapons or explosives.




            The Indonesian navy has refuted claims by Hanoi tha it shot and wounded four fishermen aboard a vietnam-flagged fishing boat in the South China Sea last weekend.  Navy spokesperson Colonel Gig Sipasulta said a patrol o sunda intercepted two vietnamese fishing boats suspected of Poaching in Indonesia's Exclusive Economic Zone, norht of Natuna, and chased them away by firing warning shots in the air.
            As such, there is no truth to Vietnam's statement, col.Gig told The Jakarta Post in a reprot our on Tuesday.



             The disputes between the two key NATO Allies has drawn the NATO secretary Generals to resovle the ever evolving problem.  NATO  secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has unvelled Monday a new proposal to reslove an angoing dispute between Ankara and Berlin regarding German lawmakers viss to troops stationed in Turkey as part of Alliance missions. APA repors quotingAnadolu Agency.  
            NATO's deputy spokesman piers Cazalet said Stolenberg had conveyed his proposal to Turkey and Germany, following his conversation with his counterparts.  In an effort to find a solution, the secretary genereal has now offered to arrange a visit for parliamentarians to Konya airfieldwith a NATO framework, he said.  refering to the base in the central Turkish city, where NATO's AWACS surveillance aircraft were deployed.
            Konya airfield is vital for NATO operations in support of Turkey and the counter ISSI coalation.  We hope that we can find a mutually acceptable solution as soon as possible, he added.  NATO's mission in konya provides intelligence support for the international coalation fighting Daesh and around a dozen German soldiers are stationed at the base.  Last week, Ankara postponned a planned visit by a group of German lawmakers to the base due to what growing uneasiness over NATO ally Germany's reluctance in showing solidarity with Turkey in the fight against terrorism.
               Ankara was particularly angry at the opposition Die Linke party as several leading lawmakers form the socialist party publicly announced their support to the terrorist group PKK. 

4000FETO suspects in Germany.

In june, Germany decided to withdraw is Tornado survelliance jets and around 250 troops from Incirlik, another key military base in Turkey, after a similar dispute between Berlina and Ankara.  The German government had underlined that the army was controlled by the parliament, which also decided on military deployments abrod, and insisted that such parliamentary visists should be possible without restriction.



            It seems India had enough on Quality issues plaguing its AL-31F turbofan engines used to power India's front line Sukhoi-30MKI fighter jets and is currntly working with French Safran aircraft engine manufacturer to develop a higher thrust engine jointly based on the current Kaveri engine.  According to  a report prepared by The Print India is currently holding confidentials talks withthe french company to explore the possibility to developa 125KN thrust class engine to replace current 123kN thrust class AL31 FP turbofan engines developed by salyut HAL.
            According to the report Kaveri engine derivative once in production will be replaced under Super-30 program.  GTRE-SAFRAN are already jointly working together to fix issues pertaining to India's long delayed Kaveri-engine program.  Under Kaveri revival program French have agreed to fix all isues with Kaveri engine and make it production  ready by end of 2018 as part of offset obligation under Dassualt Rafale fighter jet deal with India.
            It is unlikely iNdia canuse same engine core to develo a 125kN thrust class engine and will be completely new design and if cleared will take nearly 7 years before it can be ready to be tested on Indida's Su 30MKI.  Under Super 30 program, russian companies had offered India it advance 142kN thrust class AL41F1S turbofan engines used in Su 35 to replace current Al 31F turbofan Engines due to repeated issues with the engine but India had denied the offer.  If advance 123kN thrust class Kaveri turbofan engines are ever developed then it is also likely that same engine might be used on India's 5th genereation AMCA fighter jet program which has engine requirements for 110KN thrust class.



Representational image. PTI

            Amid deteriorating China-India ties, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval is all set to visit China even as beijing continues to ratchet up its rhetoric against New Delhi on the Doka La standoff.  Doval, who will be travelling to Beijing to attend a BRICS meeting on 27 and 28 July, will be the fourth Indian emissary to be engaging with the chinese since the ri-junction dispute broke out at the India-China-Bhutanese border, spurred by the dispute oer a road being built by china.  Human resources development minister prakash Javadekar, minister of state for tourism Mahesh Sharma and health minister JP Nadda have visited China for BRICS related meetings earlier this moth according ro Livwminrl.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi, too, came face to face with Chinese president Xi Jinping at the GBRICS leaders meeting.
            However, none of the interactions were closely watched as Doval's strategic visit, which analysts noted could cool off the increased hostilities.  Ma Jiali, a Chinese analyst who specialises in India- China studies, said:  China would lodge solemn representation with the Indian side during Doval's visit, hoping it could take measures to ease the tension.  India may make some requests as a bargaining chip for its pulling out troops," according to Busi9ness Standard.  Indian side too will keenly watch Doval's visit, as the border standoff escalates in the Northeastern state of Sikkim and the domestic politics warms up around the issue.
               However, there's much more underlying importance attached to the NSA's visit than meets the eye, given the stakes involved.

Monday, 24 July 2017



The PLA was founded on 1 August 1927 when the Communist Party of China (CPC) under the leadership of Mao Zedong carried on with his national liberation movement. Photo: AFP

            China's PLA will hold war games instead of a usual military parade to showcase its military might on the world's largest standing force's 90th anniversary next week, a media report said on Monday.  Presidnt Xi Jinping, who is also the overall commander of the 2.3 million strong army has ordered war games over military parade to mark the 90th anniversary of the founding of the PLA ofn first august, Hong Kong based South China Morning Post reported.
             Xi is expected to attend the drills in full battle uniform, it said.  He will be the special guest at China's biggest annual war games at Asia's largest military training base, the Post quoted officials as saying.  President Xi will make his first known visit to the Zhurihe combined tactics training base, 400 km northwest of Beijing in Inner Mongolia, to oserve war games involving cyberwargare, special troops, army aviation and electronic countermeasures, the daily said quoting PLA officials.
            There had been speculation the anniversary would be marked by a parade in Beijing, byt Xi, who as chairman of the Central military commission, has been pushing the PLA to modernise, will instead be the guest of honour at Zhurihe to see how that effort is progressing, it said.
            There will not be a military parade on Tiananmen Square in Beijing on 1 August as rumoured, but a full scale, head to head military manoeuver in Zurihe to celebrate the army's birthday, a military insider told the post, adding that Xi would observe the war games from the base's command centre.  He said a squadron of China's first stealth fighter, the J 20 which went into service with the PLA Air Force in march, was very likely to feature.
           All participant units will grab this opportunity to show off state of the art development he said.  The full scale  military operations will test the PLA's capavility to integrate and coordinate land force, army aviation, the newly established rocket force, strategic supprt units and logistics between different troops, with more hitech weapons being displayed. the officials has said.
          The military games comes during a biggest military stand off with India after the 1962 war in which China proclaims victory.



            Chinese fighters intercepted a US navy spy plane Sunday, according to US defence officials.  Two  J10 fighter jets buzzed a US navy EP3 surveilance aircraft in the East China Sea, Pentagon spokesman Marine Corps Lt. Col.Christopher Logan told the Daily Caller New Foundation.  The US aircraft was operating in international airspace at the time of the intercept, which the air crew deemed unsafe and unprofessional.
             One of the Chinese aircraft passed in from of the American plane at a distance of less than 300 feet, forcig i to take evasive action to avoid a collision, US officials told Fox News Lucas Tomlinson.  Despite China's actions US operations were able to contiue unimpeded.  Chinese fighter jets have conducted several intercepts of US aircraft in recent months.  A US navy P3 Orion surveilance aircraft was intercepted in international airspace 150 miles southeast of Hong Kong in May.  During the intercept, one Chinese fighter passed in front of the plane, impacting its avility to maneuver, according to Reuters.
              In another incident that same month, Chinese fighters harassed a US Air Force WC 135 Constant Phoenix in the East China Sea, with one Chinese fighter flying upside down over the top of the American plane, CNN reported.  The number of Chinese intercepts have been on the rise since last year, as China moves to assert its dominace in its region.



            Baghdad security forces have freed a kidnapped child from Mosul and arrested the abductor, the Baghdad Operations Command(BOC) announced  on Monday acording to Alsumaria News.  The BOC said that the abductor was the wife of an Islamic state leader in northern Baghdad.  Investigations revealed that the child was  a resident of nineveh province west of Mosul, and that his whole family had been killed by IS militants.
            A wife of an IS leader abducted the child to involve him in suicide operations.  the BOC said. Earlier an imporovised explosive device IED exploded in a local market in northern Baghdad. leaving two civilians wounded a security source told Iraqi Media News Agency(IMNA)  Bombings and armed attacks are seen on almost a daily basis agianst security members paramilitary groups and civilains since the Iraqi government launched a wide-scale campaign to retake IS occupied areas in 2016.
            More than 700 Iraqis were killed and wunded during the month of June as result of voilence and armed conflicts, according to a monthly count by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq(UNAMI) which excludes security members deaths Baghdad ranked the second place with 22 deaths and 88 injuries.

Sunday, 23 July 2017



         An errant US airstrike confirmed by the pentagon killed 12 afghan  police officers and wounded two other, Helmand provincial police chief Abdul Ghafar Safi said saturday.  The death toll in Friday's airstrike was determined after a site inspection of the compound in the Gereshk district, he said.  
         The united States in a statement confirmed that the airstrikess on the security forces compound occured during a US supported operation agisnt Taliban insurgents in the area.  In the statement, the US offered its condolences to the families of the security forces who were killed.  While much of Helmand province is under the control of Taliban.  Afghan national security forces have been waging fierce battles to retake territory.  Nato and US troops are in Helmand to asist Afghan troops.  
         Safi told the associated press in a telephone interview that the dead were police officers who were operating with the army n the area.  He said they had recaptured the post from the Taliban when the airstrike occured.  On friday, Helmand governor Hayatullah Hayar said it was believed the police officers were not in uniform, which may have resulted in mistakenly identifying them as Taliban fighters.